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04 / 2022

Interesting Guest Lecture for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA)

A Young Players Long Path to Success

For the students of the class "Professional Sports Law" of the William S. Boyd School of Law of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA), CEO Markus Kraetschmer was able to give an interesting guest lecture together with Georg Festetics, the founder of Munegu Sport.
A Quantum of Solace

Together with his long-time friend and colleague Georg Festetics, founder and owner of Munegu Sport (, previously Head of International Football and Assistant Sports Director at AS Monaco among others until 05/2021, our Managing Director Markus Kraetschmer was able to give an interesting guest lecture to the students of the Professional Sports Law class at the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA).

Launched in 2021, this new course on professional sports law will be taught by Prof. Peter Sadowski, the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team. The course will address the legal and practical aspects of operating a professional sports team. This class is also notable for having welcomed and will continue to welcome an extraordinary array of industry leaders from the U.S. and around the world, including Bill Foley, owner of the Vegas Golden Knights, and George McPhee, president of field hockey operations for the Knights. Other guest speakers included Dan Ventrelle, executive vice president and general counsel of the Las Vegas Raiders NFL franchise; Jessica Berman, deputy commissioner and executive vice president of business affairs for the National LaCrosse League; Dan Beckerman, president and CEO of AEG, which operates the Staples Center, the O2 Arena in London and the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin; and Alan Gold, partner at Evolution Media, which has negotiated media deals for sports teams worth more than $50 billion.

The topic of Festetics' and Kraetschmer's lecture was "A Young Soccer Player's Long Path to Success" - they spoke on the development of young talented soccer players in the special system of international club soccer, showed for the U.S. students the main differences to talent development in the well-known U.S. leagues such as NFL, NBA, NHL or MLS, and also highlighted the economic importance of the transfer system in international soccer. In a special case study on FK Austria Wien and the experiences at AS Monaco, the two speakers were able to present their many years of experience in the transfer business and their special experiences with Article 19 of the FIFA Transfer Regulations ("Protection of Minors") to the very interested students. A comprehensive question and answer session concluded a very entertaining session for the students.

Markus Kraetschmer summarized: "I am pleased that we were able to give the students a very practical insight into the specifics of talent development, the protection of young players, the essential difference to the US system with the universities as farm teams of the professional leagues and the importance of the transfer system in football! The reactions and attention of Prof. Sadowski and the students showed that our lecture brought a lot of new insights for them - so we achieved our teaching goal!"

Georg Festetics states: "Markus and I had the goal to give the students, who are mainly from the USA, an insight into the development of young players in football and to show them, in addition to the legal factors, according to which criteria the various stakeholders in this system, such as players, their parents, agents or clubs, act, since this system is very fundamentally different from US sports!"

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