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MK Sport 1
Merger & Acquisition
  • Investors buy clubs, restructure them, form › groups and corporations, convert them into stock corporations, take them public and sell them again.
  • Assessing this risk requires experience, intuition and insider knowledge.
  • MK knows the market and the life of associations, leagues and clubs and their structures.
MK can bring clubs and investors together, moderate the process and advise both sides, buyers and sellers, so that a successful deal can be concluded. In football, in sports, but also in different business sectors.
MK Sport 2
Investor, Sponsor and Stakeholder Management / Consulting
  • The business of a professional club is often associated with risks.
  • Sport sells itself through emotion and the charisma of the stars. As a rule, the focus is on sporting success and not on profit optimization.
  • Dialogue with the media and the fan community must be taken into account. Strategic positioning and clever marketing must be learned.
MK ensures your contemporary and sustainable investment.
MK Sport 3
Strategy, Structure and Reorganisation
  • In club sports, sporting and economic › success usually go hand in hand.
  • Conversely, this also applies also for failures. A new path must be supported by all stakeholders.
  • Restructuring and transforming a company requires a clear vision, a good dose of courage and exceptional crisis management skills.
MK supports you to analyze your situation, to make the right decisions in order to align the foundation of your company for the future and to get the club back on track.
MK Sport 4
Change Management
  • The transformation does not stop at sport.
  • Everything is moving: digitalization, infrastructure, internationalization, diversification, sustainability, environmental awareness.
  • If you don't want to lose track of the pace and the issues, you need a firm grip to classify things and set the right priorities.
MK is happy to offer your organization a reliable handhold.
MK Business 1
  • You want to be heard? We make your voice heard.
  • Credibility is the prerequisite for taking responsibility and asserting the interest of the client.
  • It's about voice, commitment and opinion.
MK represents your company vis-à-vis institutions and authorities. In sports as well as in business. In the supervisory board or in the management. At home and abroad.
MK Business 2
  • The issue of sustainability has become an increasingly important concern worldwide.
  • In sports and in business.
  • Increased awareness of sustainability has led to social norms, laws and expectations that organisations and associations have to meet.
MK is aware of this responsibility. That is why we have established sustainability as a modus operandi and anchored it in everyday life. Sustainability is an added value. We will gladly explain to you why this is so.
MK Business 3
Financial and Risk Analysis
  • If you go full risk as a trainer today, the shot › can also go backfire. Unless you hedge your bets beforehand.
  • Analyze and observe the "opponent". Make sure your team knows about all the details and contingencies. Have a clear match plan, then you can determine your route and tactics.
  • You need a market and potential analysis? You want to assess the risk of your investment? You want to understand why the future of football is female?
MK will gladly show you the potential with pleasure.
MK Business 4
  • Strong leadership is essential today. › Modern decision-makers must be team- oriented. Leadership is not a one-way street.
  • It is important to know beforehand: How do I understand my role in the team? How do we want to work together as a team? How do we create processes and structures to become highly efficient and innovative?
  • These are questions MK would like to answer.
MK offers a number of things. Coaching and mentoring of executives. Expert lectures at universities and congresses. Guest articles in company publications. The range of possibilities is large. You decide what you want to do.
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