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03 / 2022

The cost of a soccer game

In a professional commentary for the current issue of the Austrian Sport Business Magazine, Managing Director Markus Kraetschmer explains the different types of costs of a match

The football season is entering the decisive phase, after the pandemic-related restrictions the stadiums are filling up again, the clubs have chances for important revenues, however, there are also high costs that cannot be neglected! Markus Kraetschmer explains in a professional commentary the different types of costs that have to be taken into account around a football match and shows the important factors that ultimately have a decisive influence on the total costs of a match!
A Quantum of Solace

Sunday, 5 p.m. - the TOP game of the Austrian Soccer League is about to kick off, one of 6 games of Austrian Bundesliga┬┤s Matchday - and each of these games will end up with different event costs. Games of professional teams, but also the one or other match in the 3rd or 4th league are nowadays considered events, which have to be registered as such with the responsible authority, similar to concerts, Formula 1 races or tennis tournaments. Read more at https://sportbusinessmagazin.a...

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