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06 / 2022

Austrian Volleyball League - Negotiations successfully concluded

The Course for a new Volleyball Era has been successfully set

The Austrian Volleyball Federation (ÖVV) and the Austrian Volleyball League (ÖVL), newly founded in January 2022, are jointly opening a new chapter in domestic indoor volleyball. With independence and innovation, the men's volleyball league wants to take off anew.
A Quantum of Solace

The ÖVL, the association of the most successful Austrian men's volleyball clubs, will market the highest men's division in indoor volleyball from the upcoming 2022/23 season. For this purpose, the ÖVV transfers a rights package in the field of marketing and media for the promotion of the AVL Men to the League Association. This is the result of intensive and constructive discussions between the representatives of the ÖVV and the ÖVL.

MK Consulting GmbH managing director Markus Kraetschmer was able to make a decisive contribution to this important result as a representative on the ÖVL negotiating team. "I am very happy that we as ÖVL managed to successfully conclude this first important stage for the professional development of the Austrian Volleyball Bundesliga. Intensive, but always respectful and solution-oriented negotiations with the ÖVV representatives and successful teamwork of all club representatives have finally led to a result that already in the 2022/23 season allows new, innovative ways in indoor volleyball, but above all gives the perspective already from the 23/24 season to be able to implement the next expansion steps professionally - the declared goal of the ÖVL remains to organize the competitions Bundesliga 1 and 2 in men's and women's under its own responsibility!", says Markus Kraetschmer.

The now concluded agreement is valid at least for the next two seasons. But already in the following season there will be further structural and statutory adjustments to expand the stronger self-administration and responsibility of the clubs in terms of structure and professionalism around the federal leagues.

ÖVL President Peter Kirchmayr said in a first reaction: "We clubs have to develop every year to make it to the top. This applies to all sporting matters, i.e. on the pitch. But off the sidelines, too, we have to keep reinventing ourselves. There, we are competing for the attention of our fans, on the one hand with other sports and on the other with the numerous other leisure options available in modern society. Accordingly, we see ourselves as innovators and driving forces in terms of change and further development. As the national licenser for championships, the association provides the necessary stability in the cooperation. For the start, i.e. quasi product development, we are concentrating on the first men's league. In the near future, we also want to open up to the second men's league and the first women's league. We are sure that we will convince with our offer and the development steps of the league."

09.06.2022 - MK Consuling GmbH
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