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06 / 2022

World Business Angel Investors Week - WBAF Austria

Interesting Expert Talk with CEO Markus Kraetschmer

Today the World Business Angels Forum (WBAF) Austria Expertentalk took place in Vienna and online for investors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and interested parties.
A Quantum of Solace

The World Business Angel Investors Week 2022, coordinated by the World Business Angels Investment Forum worldwide and taking place in 132 countries from June 20th – 26th, 2022, is a global platform from which to advocate for solutions to critical issues and other global concerns at the United Nations, the European Union, and in G20 countries, as well as in regional and local economies. This year's global theme is „Business Transformation in the Post-Pandemic Economy“! The detailed program can be found here: World Business Angel Investors Week (

The program in Austria : WBAF - Agenda (

The expert talk chaired by Gerhard Hrebicek, Chairman of the European Brand Institute , with Christian Vancea (Smart Impact Group), Thomas Kriebernegg (App Radar), Dominik Renner (DCL) Bettina Rieger (Essentio) and MK Consulting CEO Markus Kraetschmer was all about "The value of the brand in the post-pandemic economy", as well as "The pandemic crisis as an opportunity for both investors and startups".

Also in Austria it is becoming more and more popular for investors to enter sports clubs, a notable example is the Vienna Vikings and the entry of 3 investors in the new franchise in the European League of Football (ELF). Why does this happen and what do investors hope to gain from investments in sports clubs? What does it mean for a sports club when an investor joins and how can you imagine the cooperation, don't two completely different cultures and points of view meet? Exciting questions that MK Consulting Managing Director Markus Kraetschmer was able to answer clearly during the expert talk.
See the answers in detail in this Video (starting Min 51:30) -

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