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07 / 2022

Teaching at the International Football Institute (IFI)

An interim conclusion after the first year of Teaching

When MK Consulting GmbH was founded, one of the business areas was defined as the creation and implementation of specialist lectures and specialist literature or publications, the coaching of managers and the activity as a lecturer in courses.
A Quantum of Solace

Accordingly, with the winter semester 21/22, Managing Director Markus Kraetschmer has accepted a teaching assignment at IFI (International Football Institute), which operates in cooperation with HAM (University of Applied Management, the largest private university in Bavaria with headquarters in Munich/Ismaning and study locations in 11 German cities and Vienna) and which, together with the private university Schloß Seeburg, belongs to IUNWorld, a service company in the education sector.

In the 7-semester Bachelor's program "Football Management B.A.", Kraetschmer first taught the course "Organization in Football" in the winter semester 21/22, which was concluded with a written exam in 03/2022. Kraetschmer then taught the master's course "International Association Management in Football" in the summer semester of 2022. "I am very pleased to be able to teach the students the necessary theoretical and business management course content on the one hand, but on the other hand to show them the topicality and importance of the course content with very practical and relevant assignments and group work," Kraetschmer says in his analysis.

In the next academic year, Kraetschmer will teach the module "Strategic Club Development" in addition to the modules described above in the course leading to the new institute certificate "Management in Performance-oriented Football" - information on the new certificate can be found here: Institutscertificate

In addition, Kraetschmer will teach the module "Organization & Personnel" in the new course of the Austrian Bundesliga "ÖFBL-Campus 22/23" in January 2023 in cooperation with the IFI. All information about this course can be found here: ÖFBL-Campus

"The cooperation with the IFI in the various courses is also very appealing because the students come from many different backgrounds, from young students who start their studies shortly after graduating from high school to club or association employees who want to further their education. In any case, I am happy that I can show the students not only the theoretical basics but also many practical examples from my almost 24 years of experience in various soccer organizations, how important the taught contents are in daily professional life!", Kraetschmer already looks ahead to the courses of the coming academic year.

Link to IFI: IFI

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