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07 / 2022

IFI and MK Consulting enter into a Strategic Partnership

Making a big difference with joint expertise

The International Football Institute (IFI) and Markus Kraetschmer's MK Consulting GmbH are entering into a joint partnership and will be working together exclusively in the fields of management consulting and consulting for clubs, associations and partner companies in football with immediate effect.
A Quantum of Solace

"We highly appreciate Markus Kraetschmer and his competences. Already in the past when he was CEO of FK Austria Wien, we exchanged ideas regularly and acted very cooperatively. We on the part of the Institute had the desire to deepen these discussions - a strategic partnership has now emerged from this!", IFI Director Dr. Florian KAINZ explains his approach to this new partnership in an initial statement. "Markus Kraetschmer will help us to further develop and expand the consulting area at IFI. We are very pleased that he was willing to take this step with us. He perfectly complements our well-established consulting team and brings additional skills and perspectives to the institute thanks to his decades of experience - this enriches the partnership enormously," Kainz continues.

Markus Kraetschmer explains the strategic partnership from his point of view in a first statement: "After these in-depth discussions, we came to the conclusion that we would like to expand the consulting area together in the next few years in a constructive and targeted manner. The partnership between IFI and MK Consulting will be very fruitful, as both companies operate in a similar market segment in the D-A-CH region - Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now we will use the synergies and act together to provide the best possible benefit for the customers. Because I am convinced that I can profitably contribute my many years of experience in professional soccer - almost 24 years with FK Austria Wien and in various committees of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB), the Austrian Football League and European Club Association (ECA) - as well as my international network for the partnership!"

In addition, Dr. Kainz refers to the topics in focus: "We already manage numerous consulting projects for clubs and associations in soccer, focusing on different areas. In the context of the partnership with MK Consulting we will deal intensively with topics such as alternative forms of financing, change management and strategy. It is about optimizing structures in clubs and associations, defining goals and areas of responsibility, designing roadmaps and accompanying leadership projects as well as competently supporting sports-related companies in the soccer industry with investments and sponsorships."

Markus Kraetschmer adds the clear common goals and the advantages for MK Consulting GmbH: "As a one-man business, I already reached my limits in my first business year due to limited time capacities and could therefore not pursue interesting projects and topics as I would have liked to. Furthermore, IFI's various subject matter experts have a lot to offer for interdisciplinary topics or projects. I particularly like the international approach of the IFI. There is an enormous amount of potential that we want to use together - keyword: strengthening strengths. The nice and exciting thing about this form of collaboration is that you see a joint result at the end of each project."

Kainz and Kraetschmer agree: "We can achieve a lot with our joint expertise, realize large projects and implement them profitably. We want to set an example in the market with our partnership. We are excited about what the future will bring and look forward to many joint projects."


International Football Institute

The International Football Institute in Ismaning is an academic consulting and research institution of the university network IUNworld, specialized in the field of top-level soccer in German-speaking countries. The objective of the institute is to create a link between science and practice and to establish an academic consulting service provider in the long term. The IFI sees itself as an expert for education and consulting in soccer. Learn more about IFI here

MK Consulting GmbH

Markus Kraetschmer worked for FK Austria Wien in various functions for almost 24 years until June 30, 2021. He has many years of experience in many areas of activity in the sports and education sector, especially in the operational management of clubs, stock corporations and limited liability companies, as well as the exercise of various board functions for clubs and corporations. Based on this education and experience, Kraetschmer founded MK Consulting GmbH in July 2021 and has since been acting as a management consultant with a focus on sports consulting. In addition to several mandates in soccer, he advises clubs in American Football, Volleyball and Basketball.

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