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11 / 2022

Exciting new digital development from Austria for the soccer transfer market

The global soccer database from Austria enables professional team management and simple footballer transfer by means of direct contact

What determines the sporting success of a soccer club? "Its financial resources", is usually the answer to that. Transfer fees and commissions for transfers in professional football have recently reached record levels and have once again speeded up the race for top results and trophies.
A Quantum of Solace

But: in most countries, the share of professional clubs in the total market is only about 1%. Conversely, this means that the majority of active players, coaches and clubs are amateurs. Although the transfer market for these 99% amateurs is actually huge, it often proves difficult to find the ideal players or coaches for your club.

Scouting and transfers made easy

And this is exactly where the new RIESPO database comes in - to get an overview of this huge part of the transfer market, a software has now been developed that makes the search for players and coaches much easier. In the newly launched RIESPO Global Soccer Management Database, players can present their own skills and performances, search for suitable coaches and teams and thus drive their own performance and transfers. The global database simplifies soccer team composition, contacting and transfers, for players as well as coaches and clubs, from the lower divisions to the top leagues - worldwide.

"Our goal is to build a global network where every user, no matter if club, player or coach, can create his profile, with which the right sporting engagement can be found and to enable the highest possible footballing future for everyone - we provide the necessary software for this", says Gerhard Riedl, who is excellently networked and has numerous international contacts. In his function as president of SV Gmunden, he knows about the difficulties that exist in finding suitable players. "The software not only saves the officials money for agency commissions, but also a lot of time in the search and decisively supports the efficient compilation of the squad," says Riedl.

The MK Consulting GmbH is pleased to advise the RIESPO network now with its development and growth strategy. "After my first discussions with founder Gerhard Riedl to this exciting idea, the planned next steps in the RIESPO network, which are announced in the next weeks and months and appropriate market analyses it was soon clear to me to accept this mandate. My many years of experience in Austrian club soccer, in the ÖFB, in the ÖFBL and in the ECA have given me a lot of know-how, which I can now use optimally in the development of the RIESPO support facility," says Managing Director Markus Kraetschmer.

For further information please visit RIESPO – Wir verbinden Fußball-Talente mit Teams – RIESPO und RIESPO: Übersicht | LinkedIn

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