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03 / 2023

Die „Unique Soccer Cooperations – USC ltd“

A further corporate participation of MK Consulting GmbH has taken up its activity

When MK Consulting GmbH was founded in the summer of 2021, it was clear to owner and managing director Markus Kraetschmer that the development of equity investments in various business areas would be an important pillar for the company.
A Quantum of Solace

After the participation from 05/2022 in the American Football franchise of the Vienna Vikings in the new European League of Football (ELF), which could be crowned with a dream start with the title in their first season 2022, in March 2023 the "Unique Soccer Cooperations - USC ltd" (USC) was founded with the headquarter in Vienna. The company has set itself the task of accompanying or supporting ambitious clubs within the framework of projects with a focus on the sports sector as well as in the context of structural and economic challenges; the founders' long-standing international relationships with soccer clubs all over the world form a decisive added value. MK Consulting GmbH will hold a stake of just under 30% in USC.

"Together with my longtime partners Rafael Doran, Managing Director of ALESSA CAPITAL GROUP (London), and lawyer Rene Furrer from Zurich, who is a member of the Swiss Association for Sports Law and the International Sport Lawyers Association, and Walter Brizuela, an enterpreneuer and former professional player in Argentina we would like to bring our longstanding know-how to bear in order to bring football clubs together on an international level in various areas to form partnerships at eye level with added value for all cooperation parties. I am pleased that after intensive months of preparation and establishment, we could finally start operational activities with our office in the 1st district of Vienna."

Kraetschmer, who will be able to contribute to the new company his experience from international partnerships such as with BVB from his time as a board member of FK Austria Wien AG on the one hand and his extensive contacts and know-how from his time as a club representative in the ECA on the other, will also act as managing director at USC. He is primarily responsible for the following areas: strategy, structuring/restructuring, process optimization, infrastructure development, CSR/ESG issues, and contact and committee management.

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